adding livestock to the farm

adding livestock to the farm

Three Tips To Help You Maintain A Beautiful Lawn All Year Long

Alex Coleman

Maintaining a beautiful yard is important for many different reasons.  Not only does a lovely lawn add to the overall curb appeal of your home, it's also a key part of being a responsible homeowner, since the status of your yard affects the home value of your neighbors as well.  While you may mow your yard on a regular basis, and even splurge on professional lawn care on occasion, it can be difficult to keep your yard looking good when the weather changes.  Use this information to learn more about how you can keep your yard in great condition all year long.

Install An Automatic Sprinkler System

One of the best ways that you can ensure a lush, green yard all year long is to install an automatic sprinkler system.  A regular supply of water is absolutely critical if you want your grass to be plush and healthy looking.  However, your local weather may be unpredictable, offering an unstable supply of water that doesn't promote a healthy lawn.

When you install an automatic sprinkler system you're doing your part to make sure that your lawn receives the water that it needs.  You won't have to worry about making time in your busy schedule to water your lawn because the system works on an automatic timer that emits water like clockwork.  Some of the more sophisticated sprinkler systems even feature a sensor that can detect the moisture level of your soil and adjust itself accordingly.

Avoid Walking On Your Grass

It can be difficult to avoid walking on your lawn if you don't have a sidewalk that leads from your driveway to your front door.  This is detrimental because you will eventually notice that the well worn trails in your yard are bald, since grass will not grow in areas that are repeatedly trampled upon.

Instead of risking the chance that your yard will take on an uneven appearance, install cobblestones as walkways within your yard.  The cobblestones will add to the appeal of your home because of the rustic feel that they lend to your exterior decor.

Plant A Tree

A tree makes an excellent addition to your yard.  Not only will it provide shade for your home, it will also protect your grass against the scorching rays of the sun that can dry out your soil and discolor your grass.  Add even more color to your yard by planting a tree that features an array of colorful flowers.

A few simple steps is all it takes to keep your yard looking its best no matter what time of year it is.  Start using these tips today so you can enjoy a fabulous lawn that is the envy of your neighbors. For more help, or questions, contact a company like Valley Green Companies with any questions you have.


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