adding livestock to the farm

adding livestock to the farm

3 Considerations To Make When Picking Up New Sod

Alex Coleman

Adding landscaping to your newly constructed house can make your property feel more like a home. If you don't want to wait for grass to grow from seeds, then investing in sod can be a great option. If you plan to install the new sod yourself, you will likely need to retrieve the sod from the landscape company or sod farm where it was purchased.

Here are three considerations you should make when picking up new sod to ensure that your experience is a good one.

1. Be sure that you have access to a vehicle large enough to transport your new sod.

When it comes to picking up sod, it's essential that you take the time to do some basic math before arriving at your destination. Sod can be extremely heavy, with a pallet of sod containing 100 pieces weighing in between 1,500 and 3,000 pounds depending on the moisture content of the soil.

You will need to calculate the number of square feet of sod needed to complete your landscape design, then plan for a vehicle large enough to haul the weight of your sod order. If you have a half-ton pickup, you will only be able to transport 250 square feet of sod at a time, so plan on making several trips if you need more sod to cover your yard.

2. Plan to pick up your sod in the morning to avoid yellowing.

One of the greatest benefits sod can provide is instant access to the lush, green grass you want your landscape to feature. Unfortunately, your sod can quickly begin to yellow if the temperatures are too high during delivery.

Since the root systems of cut sod are exposed rather than being safely confined in the cool dirt, these roots can dry out when it's too hot. Dried out roots result in a yellowing of the grass blades. To ensure that your sod is as healthy as possible during installation, plan to pick up your order early in the morning when it's cool if you are completing your installation during the warm summer months.

3.Keep your sod moist while it's on the pallet.

If you have to drive to a neighboring city to pick up your sod order, it's essential that you keep the sod moist while it is on the pallet during transport. Since the sod's roots don't have access to water in the soil to draw from, sod can dry out quickly.

Watering your sod down before beginning the delivery process will help ensure that you receive the healthiest grass possible.

Transporting your own sod can be a great way to save money on your landscaping costs. Be sure that you have access to a vehicle equipped to haul heavy loads, you plan to pick up your sod early when temperatures are cool, and you keep your sod moist during transit to make your delivery a success. Click here for more information.


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