adding livestock to the farm

adding livestock to the farm

3 Major Problems Rodents Can Cause In The Barns On Your Agricultural Property

Alex Coleman

You steal a peek at a mouse darting across the rafters of the barn or catch a rat hiding out in the grain bin, but if you are like most agricultural business owners, just one rodent or two will not be enough to raise a red flag. After all, having to deal with rodents just comes along with the territory, or at least that is what you think. The fact is even just a few mice, rats, or other rodents traipsing around on your agricultural property can be a really big deal. Check out these major problems you can run into if you have rodent issues on your farm. 

Rodents can get into machinery and cause a great deal of damage. 

Rodents are always on the lookout for a nice hidden nesting spot where they can stay warm and out of sight. The thing is, if you park farm machinery and vehicles in the barn through the winter, they are filled with nooks and crannies that look attractive to small animals. If these critters try to get into these small areas, they can cause a lot of damage in the process. Plus, having exhaust pipes, vacuum lines, and other parts filled with the debris they pack in can create issues as well. 

Rodents can be a threat to your livestock. 

Some rodents are considered predatory to small livestock, especially chickens and other poultry. It is not uncommon for rats to steal the eggs of chickens, attack chicks, and terrorize a flock of birds through the night. Therefore, even if all you are seeing is a few rodents and you have livestock in the building, it is best to take protective measures to get rid of them. 

Rodents can destroy a food or grain supply. 

Not only can a handful of rodents really take a big chunk of grain if they are munching away at it everyday, they can also damage it to the point that it is not usable for other things on the farm. The rats can defecate and urinate on the grain, which can contaminate the grain in such a way that it would no longer be a healthy food source for cattle and other animals. Some rodents carry diseases that are spread in this fashion and you do not want to take that chance by using it. 

No matter how much you believe a few rodents are not that big of a deal, they really can be. If you believe you have a rodent problem on your farm, make sure to reach out to a pest control company for advice. 


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