adding livestock to the farm

adding livestock to the farm

Making Your Lawn Care And Landscaping More Eco-Friendly: Tips For You

Alex Coleman

When you decide that the time has come to make your lawn care and landscaping routines as eco-friendly as possible, you may be unsure of how to achieve those goals. You want to make sure that you are doing the right thing for your yard, your family, and of course, the environment but need practical steps to follow. Get to know a few of the ways that you can make your lawn care and landscaping more eco-friendly so that you can get started transforming your yard and routines right away.

Start Using Organic Fertilizer For Grass

A lush green lawn is usually one of the points of pride of a well-landscaped lawn. If you are trying to make sure that your grass lives up to your standards but is also environmentally friendly, you will need to invest the time and money into getting an organic fertilizer for grass.

Look for an organic fertilizer that is rich in micronutrients that help to fortify the soil as well as your grass. You also want to be sure that you use an organic fertilizer that does not contain any salts. If you experience a drought in your area, a fertilizer with salts in it could contribute to more drying of both the soil and your grass. This, of course, can kill your lawn during a major drought.

Invest In A Lawn Mower That Does Not Require Gas

Another problem with standard landscaping and lawn care is the process of mowing the lawn itself. Most lawn mowers are powered by unleaded gasoline. This is the same gasoline used in cars and the same gasoline that releases carbon dioxide into the environment which contributes to pollution, climate change, and ozone layer depletion.

Because of the negative impact that your old lawn mower may have on the environment, it would be a good idea to invest in a lawn mower that uses alternative sources of energy or fuel. The most energy efficient lawn mower would be a manual push mower that does not require any fuel source other than your physical strength to push it forward. Of course, if you have a large lawn, this can make the process of mowing unbearable.

There are also electric and battery-operated lawn mowers. These options will also reduce the environmental impact of your lawn care routine without causing so much physical strain. Other options that may be available on the wider market soon include solar-powered lawn mowers and lawn mowers that use the grass clippings from your lawn as a biomass fuel.

Now that you know some of the ways that you can make your lawn care and landscaping routines more eco-friendly, you can get started making these changes as soon as possible.  


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