adding livestock to the farm

adding livestock to the farm

  • Three Tips To Help You Maintain A Beautiful Lawn All Year Long

    Maintaining a beautiful yard is important for many different reasons.  Not only does a lovely lawn add to the overall curb appeal of your home, it's also a key part of being a responsible homeowner, since the status of your yard affects the home value of your neighbors as well.  While you may mow your yard on a regular basis, and even splurge on professional lawn care on occasion, it can be difficult to keep your yard looking good when the weather changes.

  • Removing Large Areas Of Sod

    If you want to turn an area of your lawn into a garden bed for flowers or vegetables, this requires removing a large patch of sod. While you can do this by digging or tilling the area, this options can mean a lot of work for you. While digging and tilling having their advantages, smothering and using herbicides are two of the easiest methods of sod removal.  Blood, Sweat, And Sod

  • Farmers Can Depend On LP Gas

    Clean-burning LP (liquid propane) gas is a reliable and efficient energy source farmers can rely upon. Easy to store and readily available in rural areas, LP gas is a valuable tool for the following activities: Grain or Crop Drying.  Removing moisture from grain and other crops is critical to the harvesting process. A propane gas drying system can reduce crop loss caused by adverse weather since crops no longer have to be left in the fields to dry.

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    adding livestock to the farm

    Are you considering adding some livestock to your farm? Maybe you just want to add a few animals to help produce a little extra food for your family each year. I have worked hard to put together a website that can help you find the best animals to buy, how you can feed those animals at the least cost to you, and the lists of food products you can get from the animals. It is my hope that you and many other people will learn what needs to be known before purchasing any livestock for their farm or property so success can be had.